the iTunes/CD dilemma.

So I seem to spend a lot of time on my phone's iTunes lately.

You see, it's vicious cycle. I want to download the albums I want off the internet, but my internet provider is so stingy I'd run out of my monthly quota once I started downloading anything - and I'd get pissed off having to topup so regularly. 

Then I'd have to buy the CDs which cost me at least 30 bucks - and I'd feel guilty whenever I see the CD in my car, unused after I've imported the songs into my iTunes. 

Then I'd have to download the songs via iTunes which cost me a few bucks cheaper than a CD - and I'd feel guilty too if the songs turned out so lame I won't listen to them anymore, and they'd be abandoned there in my iTunes list.

See? Vicious cycle. I can never win.

But tried limiting the guilt factor by trying a few options :

  1. Youtube-ing the album first and listen to the songs (if available, mostly yes lah) to see if I liked them 
  2. Reading the reviews of the album on the internet to get a rough idea in case my hearing is distorted that day, or something
  3. Google-ing the lyrics - they are important to me
  4. Running the idea past the other half - if he scowls/snorts/anything equivalent, I might as well forget about it because he possesses this crazy amazing taste on music I still think he's an alien.

So I was faced with the same dilemma tonight - this whole week, in fact. After contemplating, decided to take the number 1 option and gladly download the song off iTunes - got hooked after 10 seconds into the first song.

Because it's Ingrid Michaelson, baby.

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