back to regulars

You know how I've loved giving him scrapbooks on special occasions?

Well, I discovered that regular cards are not so bad, too.

Or maybe it's just becoming too predictable..

So he's been so busy lately planning to come back home for good - you have no idea how many things needed to get done! Reminded me of those last few months back in 2011 when I was about to graduate. Looking for jobs, settling gas and electric and whatnots, etc - except that now he has so many other things to consider now that he's been a resident there for 2 years.

So I sent him a card to remind him of those other important things to remember about life, too in the midst of all that.

And he announced all over Twitter I have bad handwriting..pfftt.

"You think I have bad handwriting?!"
"It's called a friendly banter"

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