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one milestone reached!

So yesterday I gave in to my colleagues' plan for us to have "healthy lifestyle".

They've been planning for hill-climbing for so long now that everytime we go out, they'd keep talking about it and would never forget to include "Zatil you should join too exercise is good for you bla bla bla.." knowing fully well I'm really not a sporty person.

Sometimes, I really wonder why we're even friends. Haha.

But yesterday after much planning, I decided to give in. Broga Hill is closest to us and we heard "it's not that far to reach the top so it's easy".

Mostly why I agreed.

And regret I never was! So beautiful.

We reached there by Subuh and after prayer, we started climbing. I was surprised cause there were so many people! They really have no clue how Sundays should be spent. Lol.

Reached the top before sunrise, so we get to see how calm the city is and when the sun is up. Felt good to sweat that much once in a while, but when they're planning for the second trip, I pretended not to hear.

"Shall we go to Gunung Tok Wan next?"
"4.8 km?! Are you kidding me?! That's almost 3 Broga Hills!"

There was even a stall selling fresh air kelapa near the car park area so that the climbers can refresh after getting some exercise from the climb. And it's crazy good.

So can proudly say now, one of my milestones in life is reached.

In case if you're interested (or you're like my colleagues who love outdoor things), here's a map to Broga Hill :


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