early birthday present.

Another highlight from last week; my sister surprised me with an early birthday present!

While I'm always the one with terrible choice in picking out gifts, my sisters hardly have any trouble in that department. I remember getting cute birthday cards, teddy bears and all sorts of things you'd usually find at a gift store wrapped nicely for me in high school until they left for uni or started working (the irony lol).

As for me, I remember getting my sisters Hard Rock t-shirts because in my defense, that's what I think would make me happy. But apparently at the age of 25, you girls just don't wear t-shirts anymore..*pissed*

How should I know?! I'd happily wear the HRC bright pink t-shirt even if I'm 30, thank you very much.

Anyway. This is what my sister got me this year!

 It's called a multi-purpose crown pouch, because you can fit your phone inside too!

I've been dragging my purse and phone to lunch so much now that I have to bring my bag everywhere too and it's been driving me crazy, but I didn't even thought of this thing! You can fit your cards and cash inside (no coin slot btw) with your phone and it becomes your little carry-all pouch.

Can even fit my earphone.

Looked for it on the net and here it is!

 It's called Crown Smartphone Pouch. 

Sometimes, it's rewarding to have a sister who has the same taste and generous. And sometimes, it's not about getting something expensive or pricey but it's about practicality - the fact that she literally solved my daily dilemma makes this gift all the better, cause I'm gonna use this daily now.

Gotta start thinking of something clever to give her.

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