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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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Had eventful brunch with the girls last Sunday (well I pretty much announced it all over Twitter and Instagram, so, this post is redundant) at D'Cengkih, TTDI.

Venue suggested by Jua. Took the chance to explore KL roads quite a bit (since I have no tourist guide here pfft) but well, can safely certify that I still have a long way to go before I can become an expert. How you people move around without GPS is beyond me.

Still, I'm not originated from here so that's a valid excuse, right?

What we didn't know is, there's a freaking live band performing every single day there! The place was unbelievably cosy and a space not small or big enough that'd make people feel out of place. We were at home instantly despite the restaurant being Johorean cuisine and all, thanks to the live band and super awesome pakciks singing in front of us.

All perfect setting for a few girls who were having a perfect catching up brunch.

Even managed to challenge each other's Japanese as it's been almost 2 years since we left Japan and Jua said "let's see if we still remember hiragana"

I'm so ashamed to admit I forgot some. But still, I'm guessing this piece of tissue is proof we still got it!

  See, at least we still remember SOME of the characters..
And you know, we thought we were just having regular brunch..on a Sunday..and suddenly Qi Razali just went up and sang Hotel California in front of us.

   Of course, the crowd went crazy.

The reason he was there was because JJCM crew was there, and they were shooting an episode so you can guess this place has a class on its own. I mean, the three of us had nasi ambang - one of the specialties there - and it was freaking good.

I don't usually rave about places to eat, but you've got to drop by this place and try. Take it from me, the girl who rarely ever check out Malay dish restaurants and who finds char koey teow sold at that one stall by the road at my kampung is the best char koey teow ever.

I'd always have a thing for guys who have the guts to sing in public..apparently.


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