the thing about driving for 4 hours straight that you've got to have Redbull ready in your system.

I'm a proud Penangite living in KL today XD

Drove back to Penang with Farah last Thursday to see Syena's newborn baby and I managed to stay awake thanks to Redbull he forced to have cause he knows I'm not really made for a long journey. Driving, somemore. Being a newbie at driving really drives him crazy cause he'd yell at me when I told him I go at 140 km/h...

I don't want to jinx it but I've never gotten an AES before. God, please, I don't wanna jinx it. Please. I swear I'm a good driver, insyaAllah.

So reached Penang and we went straight to see the baby!

  This wasn't on Instagram cause it's getting me.
Meet Qaiser Ilman!

If I were to have a baby, I'd get his parents' ideas. The nicest baby boy name I've ever heard. Don't you think?

No picture of the three of us cause we're just too tired of each other already HAHA. You know you're getting old when taking pictures together just isn't the important thing anymore.

But speaking of which, I'm still amazed seeing my best friend with her baby. I mean, this girl was the girl who'd walk me along the corridor of our dorm just to talk about boys, who would accompany me staying up studying, who would make me ice Neslo without me even asking for it (seriously, she's a saint like that! And she makes the best Neslo ever, still.), who would be on my side whatever disagreement I had with others and however silly it was; I always know she'd make the best mother.

Seeing her makes me want to be a better person, so that speaks a lot. Find a friend that'd give you that feeling - and keep her forever!

And I miss Qaiser Ilman already.

It must be a disease, because during the break I couldn't stop eating this. You know how people say expecting mothers always crave for jeruk?

Maybe it's the hormones.

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