his new kindle.

So last month, he was bugging me with this "critical" need to buy the new kindle from Amazon.

You see, it's so funny to see him so nervous spending money on things that aren't shirts or shoes or football jerseys or shoes. Really, the kindle cost about 13,000 yen but from the way he acted "I don't know..I don't really NEED the kindle since I've never used it before..but I DO need it cause I've been buying books off Amazon..and if you bought books through kindle you'd get books at MUCH cheaper price..I don't know..I don't really NEED it though.."; you'd think it cost as much as a new PC.

Repeat that 100 times, especially when he sees any new book on Amazon he likes, or other tablets made for reading ebooks.

So since it was the end of the year, I thought it'd be more special if I bought for him.

And special it was!

To me, it really isn't about the money. He told me I kind of influenced him in reading more books ever since we got together (to be fair, I don't think I'm that nerdy. But just that he's seen my books) and I've seen how much he grew into books so this gift means a lot to both of us. I mean, even I don't have a kindle!

Still love buying paperback books and that new book smell. 

To you, I hope you love it! This means you have no reason to receive any package from Amazon anymore. MUAHAHA.

And yes this is a payback for your last blogpost.


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