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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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random Paris pictures.

Because I just had the time to do some editing session slash I-love-apps work recently.

All pictures taken using iPhone.

In front of the garden facing the Eiffel tower. My favorite spot.

 Around the Notre Dame area. I was terrified and intrigued by the building all at the same time.

 At the garden, again. Didn't I say it was my favorite spot?

 Never been happier. But sure you can tell from my freezing smile.

 A souvenir store at the corner near our hotel.

 In front of Louvre, at a cafe where Fiqah had her mint tea.

 There were a lot of cute French guys..but my view would always be this.

 Still in front of Louvre. Taking pictures of the road signs, just because.

 And because Audrey Hepburn is in it. And why, Vogue, of course.

 My hotel lobby. It wasn't a five-star, it wasn't so posh, but we got three freaking beds and a huge TV and it was awesome.

 At Louvre. Caught Fiqah in action with breathtaking view right behind her back!

 Notre Dame area and spotted a nice cafe, but it was just about to rain.

 Paris Gare du Nord, one of the nicest train station I've been to.

 Inside my heaven train. They freaking serve Starbucks coffee to the passengers, I'm not kidding. Could live inside this vehicle happily ever after.

Would do some more pictures, if my passion doesn't fail me. But I've missed this city so much, these pictures won't do it justice! If you're addicted to all iPhone-photoediting stuff, please go to App Store and get Snapseed - it's the best so far, I swear. 


  1. atil, are u using the iphone 5 *gasp* gambar cantik sgt! hehe

    1. Izzat, iPhone 4s je but edited the pictures using Snapseed app :) install la, recommended! Like instagram who? haha.

  2. these pictures are beautifully edited :o noice!

    1. As an amateur, that means a lot to me. Thank you anon :")


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