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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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beach and autumn.

The weather has been so terrible lately; it's been raining almost everyday that my poor umbrella just can't catch its break. Going out in the morning to work - rain, going home from office - rain. And the fact that I'm living in an apartment by the sea doesn't help either - strong, freezing cold sea wind EVERY GODDAMN DAY.

But last weekend was a miracle - we saw sun, finally!

So I decided to leave my comfy bed and go out. Visited the beach I've always admired from my balcony.
 Other people who are loving the sun, too.

 There are seafood restaurants and fast food restaurants along the beach; even an arcade for kids.

 View of my apartment from the beach!

 Yup, I was that silly girl who wore heels to the beach. In my defense, buying a pair of sneakers I'd only wear ONCE in these 3 months is really not justifiable.

 There was this park in front of this Parliament building (The Hague is known as the place where Dutch government and parliament reside) - the one that I've been passing by every day and I've been wanting to go there for so long. The trees, the leaves, the lake in front of the lake, the view of this building - all are so beautiful. Reminded me of autumn in Japan :(

Strolled around the shops near there and found my heaven - this huge shop selling wide variety of chocolates and macaroons and cookies! Bought so many macaroons because I'm such an overachiever and I still have some left.

Now am watching movie in bed with the macaroons leftovers. If I complain about gaining 10 pounds when I came back to Malaysia, feel free to smack me.


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