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Paris : Day 2, at night.

Now you know when I'm splitting a post one for day and one for night; I really mean business.

I thought Eiffel tower looked amazing as it is on a broad daylight, but watching it at night is a whole other experience. I remember the obsession starts when I was planning a supposedly Europe trip during my uni days (which came to an abrupt end when, well, I was introduced to final year semester and crazy hectic lab days) I came across a lot of nice pictures of Eiffel tower and I really made a vow to myself to at least go there once.

So apparently we weren't satisfied of witnessing one of the greatest treasure in the world during the day; that we just HAD to go there again at night!

It felt like we were in movies.

Proceeded to strolling around in the city cause we were feeling adventurous that night. I was immediately reminded of the movie Taken (where the daughter was kidnapped while in Paris with her friend, gasp) so I clung to Fiqah all the time. Not a good timing to be reminded of such movies, really.

We found ourselves walking across the river, passed by a few blocks up until we found Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe again. 

At that moment, all I could think of was; now I - little me - was there. I am finally there; after all those years of reading about this cool city and saving all those gorgeous pictures as my desktop background and phone wallpaper and there I was, taking my own pictures in this breathtakingly beautiful city.

And I decided, it was a perfect night for me.


  1. Wait, how'd you know Afiqah Aisyah ?! Small world, small world.


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