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Paris : Day 1.

YES, WE WENT TO PARIS! *jumping up and down hysterically*

*back to earth*

My boss planned this trip for his family, and he asked me if I wanted to tag along. Whyy, of course..I mean, it's Paris..OF COURSE!! But I kept my cool; nodding my head up and down "uhh can much is the ticket?"

Hehe. Figured that this might be my only chance of getting to go there at a cheaper price, I just couldn't say no.

We went to Paris from Amsterdam by Thalys train, NOT Eurostar (people seem to confuse with that one) and we had to transit at Brussels first. Which is a big plus cause it means we can spend some time sightseeing in Brussels!

Reached Paris Nord after about 4 hours journey.

Took Paris Metro to our hotel in Boulevard Lefebvre, which is the most convenient transportation in the whole of Paris. I swear taking the metros is A LOT easier than taking trains in Tokyo! As long as you have the Metro map, you can figure out the routes quite easily - and you can get it cheaper using the day pass (single day pass); cost like 6 euros and you can go anywhere in Paris! 

I super love this place already.

And Fiqah arrived shortly after us (God bless her for being here to teman me, Paris wouldn't be this great without her), settled in the hotel room, went out again later that evening to Notre Dame Cathedral.

Nothing but wide smiles.

Took a stroll along the river by the cathedral.

"Do you remember the ending of the hunchback story?"
"The cartoon show, I think..the hunchback guy..something.."
"Actually I don't even remember what show it is.."

That's when we realize we're old. Lol.

We found this alley they called "halal alley", cause it's near to the Paris mosque and there are a lot of halal restaurants there. Ate our heart out at one of the restaurants there. Seriously, no point going to a foreign country when all you wanna eat is kebab and beriyani..sigh.

But one thing for sure is, don't wear heels while strolling in Paris. Learned my lesson! By the time we got back to the hotel, I could feel my tendons and muscles screaming at me for giving in to my heels. And it was barely a few hours; can't imagine if I walked in those heels for one whole day! My feet would practically begging God for other owners already.

So it was me and my yellow flats for the next two days. Thank God the French people aren't as tall as the Dutch.


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