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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

oh thank god..

Busy week is finally over!

And I'm the happiest girl on earth :)

Except that I just realized, my LDR is now a super-LDR. We are in two totally different time zones, and the similarity is now slowly fading away - leaving us with two zombies; him trying to stay up as late as he can to catch up on our night phone calls and me trying to wake up as early as I can to catch up on him after he's started off half his day already.

Doesn't make sense to you? Welcome to super-LDR. Having 7-hour time difference every day is not fun, I can certify that.

Two zombies, told ya.

But I'm falling in love with this city, and he isn't too happy about that.

Amsterdam is so far, amazing. I love the city; the old vintage looking of the buildings, the friendly people, the cold-but-warm weather with the sun obviously loving the city too, the super efficient trams and trains, the air of belonged whenever I see a girl donning hijab almost at every stops I've been to, the excitement of seeing people cycling which reminded me of Japan, everything.

Having lived in Japan for four years, I wasn't used to seeing a lot of Muslims hopping on and off the trams, going inside the grocery shops, walking along the shopping district - I was even surprised when I saw a Muslim girl working at the grocery shop! In Japan (Hiroshima, to be precise) usually it'd be just me wearing the hijab in the train, at the train station, in shopping the point that whenever we see another covered up girls/women, we made a point to acknowledge them. Even the simple hi-where-are-you-from would do (though usually the topic would revolve around finding the halal restaurant in the area).

I Amsterdam.

One of the shopping district in the city. Hermes, Gucci, LV, etc. Accompanying the big bosses went shopping here is obviously not a good idea; I was depressed by the lunch time.

Visited the famous Rijks Museum too!

I was never really a fan of paintings, but somehow visiting this museum makes me look at them differently. Man, so many things to pay attention to when you're producing a world-class art - these paintings are described so precisely; some are even the human eyes cannot see! Tried to pay attention to the explanation given but really, I was too hungry at that time. But as far as I know, Rembrant and Johannes Vermeer are two great artists that you have to look out for when you come here (according to my boss).

 The famous signature.

 Visited Diamond Museum too!

Taking the train from central station here to Amsterdam Central station cost around 20 euros, which is RM80+. Travelling in Europe sure isn't cheap, I wonder if I should just backpack travel..

*looking at wedges and heels and non-existent backpack bag*

Maybe not.


  1. your so lucky!!

    p/s : you look like a toddler in the first pic ;)

    1. Anon, thanks :) haha youre not the first person to say that!! lol.


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