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beach holiday of the year.

If you knew me (which I hope you do by now), you'd know I'm not really a beach person.

Sure, beautiful beach, gorgeous white sand, pretty sunset..but really, I'd rather not walk around with the sun directly hitting my face and leave me looking like a lobster.

But last few days was an exception! (And thanks to the sunblock I bought on the way there)

My colleagues and I had been planning for a beach holiday for so long this year, and since the year is coming to an end we decided to hit Port Dickson for some Independence Day celebration. Except that we didn't buy any fireworks, banners, flags whatnots. WE FORGOT OK.

I've been so swamped with work (hence the lazy updates, but I swear you'd rather not read my rants about work) so I left the hotel booking to them. And I'm so glad I did cause I had to pick my jaw up when we reached at the resort. Didn't even bother to google the place, but I can tell you the place is as pretty as the website shows.

We stayed at Avillion, Port Dickson.

We chose the water chalet, and other choices are garden chalet, premium water chalet and beach studios. Garden chalets are surrounded with nature overlooking the private beach, while water chalets are on top of the sea by the beach! And we got the chalet closest to Avillion's spa, Avi Spa, which is awesome.

Massive pictures below.

 The balcony.

 The Spa!

 Our chalet.

And we paid the spa a visit, drooled over its merchandise beautifully spreaded at the counter and proceeded to the spa area. Sigh, so beautiful.

 (from their website - I told my colleague "we should've come before senja, noon doesn't do this place justice")

 Yes, this was taken at noon. Freaking hot but we managed to power through it for the sake of it.

 Inside, was a whole new world of nice sofa and soft coloured cushions and aroma therapy scented candles. My new heaven. 

Proceeded to lunch at the cafe, had the shock of my life when my plate of nasi goreng kampung cost 32 bucks. And a plate of char koey teow is 28 bucks. I knew eating in at a resort's cafe is a luxury but we were to tired from the journey to go out and find something else.

Which is idiotic, since there are so many restaurants by the beach probably selling the same stuff, maybe even more exotic, at a much cheaper price!


And to the beach!

 Can you see the excitedness of a bunch of 25 year-olds hahaha. Clearly we haven't been on a beach holiday for a WHILE..

Avillion's private beach

 Skype-ing with Shahrul there but the line was terrible so he missed the good view. Didn't think he mind, though.

There was a function at the beach, and it was beautiful! The decorations, food, seatings, everything. It was a reunion of some sort - definitely not a wedding, so I was bummed. Wanted to see the bride's dress at a beach wedding. Pfft.

 At night, we were pretty much in our blankets. "I wonder if we're doing this right?? Beach holiday CAN MEAN staying in our chalet all night is it??" HAHAHA lol.

So sorry, we didn't have bonfires or some random guys playing guitars serenading us or fireworks..but at some point, I did notice fireworks sound outside.

"That's fireworks right? Sounds like it.."
"Yeah, I think so..nevermind.."

Next morning, went breakfast at the cafe.

Now, you should know, breakfast at freaking 7 in the morning and buffet are just wrong.

I'm pretty useless when it comes to buffet, ESPECIALLY when it's so early in the morning. Wanted to have nasi lemak afterwards but were too full.

So no more beach holiday for a while.

But it's so nice to finally break free from work stuff and actually make some time to go somewhere and just chill. God knows I really need it; but on the next morning I was already itching to read my emails, having too much of free time doesn't cut it for poor old me anymore.

If you have some tips on surviving work and life, do share. Thanks.


  1. haha sho cute la u guys ;p

    -kak A.

  2. Don't you just love how great spas smell?? I love the scented candles! I recently found this candle company called Blu Rose Candles that makes this Lavender Vanilla candle that is to DIE for. The sweet combination of lavender and vanilla take me back to the spa and I'm instantly relaxed it seems. You should check them out!

    I follow them on facebook and twitter too. They are always posting fun facts and home decor tips.


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