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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

girl stuff.

Being a girl, I think I've been a bad example to all of my species out there..
I'm too busy nowadays to even get mani and pedi.

(If you're Basha and you don't know what that is, please Google. HAHA.)

Been waiting since last weekend to pay the nice ladies at The Nail Parlour a visit and today I just felt like I couldn't postpone any longer. I REALLY REALLY NEED TO PAMPER MYSELF TODAY.

So I booked a slot at 5 pm, went out of office at 4.30 pm, reached the place 5 mins past 5 pm and finished the whole thing just in time before berbuka. Really, the things we do for nail care.

But it's not just the nail care, actually. It feels nice to have someone taking care of your hands and feet and just sit there and enjoy the pampering! I always scrub my feet after shower, but this treatment is like no other. I wanted to ask the girl to buff my feet a bit longer though, but figured they might throw me out the door.

So yeah, this place will become my regular hangout place after this. And it's so convenient that it's close to my office, literally 15-20 minutes ok.

Anyway, had berbuka at Black Canyon Alamanda today. Not so bad, for a Thai food lover like me.

Sorry, forgot to take pictures of the food. Too hungry.


This is the girl I've known since high school and we had been together since then even until we both graduated from university. That's most of my life already. And now that she finally found the man who'll be guiding her all through life; the one she finally put her trust on..I just couldn't be happier.

We've survived Hiroshima University together for the whole 4 years there, and I don't think I could get through all those years without her by my side. Gallivanting through Hiroshima for the Zara sale, went cycling around Saijo, graduated from Hiroshima University..she was there all along.

We planned to have berbuka together yesterday since I had a meeting at her office building, and it turns out to be bittersweet. We were both like "OMG we're a bunch of working girls already, we used to talk about lab and Japanese guys back then!" stuff like that. It was bittersweet, really. I feel like she's the one who knew all the good and bad stuff about me, and yet she's still here.

To you, just know that I'm so happy for you :) Happy entering the next wonderful phase of your life!



  1. atil,bile kite nk berbuka together2 nie?

    1. tulah, jom? bila ada dekat bangi? :) org bangi ni tak bawak round lagi! haha.


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