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When I first joined my current company, all I think about was how to improve on my social skills and how to drive to the office.

I mean, it was my first time driving by myself! And since there's no LRT here in Bangi, my mum practically on her high gear pressuring me to drive by myself again, after all the years in Japan with all-bike-and-no-car. (Judging from my first try, I really couldn't blame my mum to be worried.)

But no worries now, I'm good.

Anyway. I realize social skills are important especially when you're selling yourself in a company you know you're dealing with all sorts of high-profile and exceptionally brilliant people DAILY, so I focus on that one, only for a long period of time. I figured I can learn so much from daily routines, thank God - meetings, trainings, occasional lunch with colleagues. One doesn't have to be a genius to know how tense it is for a competition in the corporate world; and after a few months, I still feel like I need a lifetime to learn.

If you noticed how less frequent I've been blogging since I started working, I apologize. Not big on multitasking, after all. Tsk.

But last week was a breath of fresh air. We(my OPU) hosted a Majlis Tilawah Al-Quran Petronas for zon barat, and I must tell you - it never occurred to me that we do have such Islamic occasions held, besides all those meetings and trainings. Last week changed my perspectives on the whole career and company thing, and I couldn't be happier to be in a place where you have the opportunity to balance out your life.

I was one of the committee, but I really felt out of the loop. Everyone was so energetic and in full spirit to make the event successful(despite having to do, you know, the actual everyday work), it almost felt like working for a massive gas field production project, or something.

It was my first time wearing a jubah/baju kurung to office too, and everyone went mad with commenting on that fact.

Gotta wear baju kurung to office more often.

OPUs involved.

Reminded me of the saying I've heard a thousand times - find solace in everything you do, insyaAllah you will be in His path.


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