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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
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my bestfriend got married!

And I took this whole week off, just for the big event.

I am such an awesome girlfriend XD

Jokes and pukes aside, I feel sad and happy at the same time. I mean, this is my bestfriend. The one I'd always turn to whenever I'm going through something, and the one I'd always drag to shopping malls whenever I'm back from Japan for holidays. I'd make sure we meet up even just for one day, just to catch up.

And she's never, ever turned me down. Not even once. We've never had a fight, I know she got my back no matter what, she's the only one who would point out my flaw even when others don't see and I don't ever get mad.

She's truly one of a kind.

God, I AM sappy.

I've known her and her boyfriend for a longgg time, so seeing them tying the knot somewhat relieves me. I know she'll be happy with this guy, and that's all that matters.

 When I get married, this is how sweet I want my pelamin to be.

 The moment! I wanted to cry, but since I was holding a phone trying to record the moment for the bride, I had to blink back the tears or my whole body would just shake all over. Pfftt.

 The happiest girl :)

 Love this shot.

 Nana. Super gorgeous she looks like Amisha Patel, and once upon a time we used to call her that.

I hate that I can't berebut Syena with him anymore, since he holds the veto power now. Pfftt.

OK, fine, KN. I give you my consent, only because I've seen how well you've taken care of her all these years.

Have many many children for Aunty Atil okay.


  1. Sweet je pasangan mempelai.. paling suka gambar pengatin perempuan yg ketawa masa disarungkan cincin.. :) congratz for them..

  2. congrats to da couple!


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