HOH, the new collection.

I was arranging my accessories table and I just realized, it's been a long while since I last add anything to the collection.

I mean, it's not like I have a massive one, but I think I've worn them one too many times I even unconsciously separated the most frequent one from the others.

The frequent group : light blue, red, black, white/cream. They were stashed in a basket I put my makeup and skincare I use daily just so it'd be easier to pick them up or remind me that they were there.

Then, I subconsciously opened Rakuten.

Wow, it's been too long.

Then I realized, House of Harlow got new collections!

Fall 2011 collection :

Chevron ring

Vertical Evil Eye ring

Etched Mohawk bangle

Spring 2012 :

Triangle cuff

Spike bangle set

Pyramid pendant necklace

(source here)

To be honest, I was quite disappointed. The first HOH line was so successful that you see people, even celebrities donning the accessories from the line EVERYWHERE - that you can't help but get one too, but the newest line is to me, too aggressive to be true. Nicole Richie did say that the line would get bolder, but as much as the word bolder goes, I'm not really a spiky kinda girl. At least for the previous collection, she did use spikes in some pieces but it was subtle and you can still have the feminine feel. You can see the Fall 2011 focus more on triangular shapes and evil eye - which are the two things I'd steer clear of for so many reasons.

On the other hand, she's focusing more on bags and shoes now! As you can never go wrong with hobo bags and platforms, I'm in love with everything in the collection.

But as for the jewellery line, the previous collection still wins.

I'd buy everything in this picture.

P/S : you can get the pieces way cheaper at Rakuten than some online stores in Malaysia. Massive difference - 170 bucks and 300 bucks. That's like, almost half already.

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