cousin's first birthday party.

As one of the (few) attempts to go out and try to chill without ever thinking about the thick files at the office, I went to my cousin's first birthday party at Al-Rawsha restaurant in Kg Pandan last weekend.

It was a private and kind of family-only party so my uncle rented a medium VIP room located upstairs, as opposed to the very loud, crowded scene downstairs in the restaurant. And to be honest, I was glad. Eating and having a family party while others are watching (and the thick lamb smell with the kebab smell. Actually, I don't mind the kebab smell) isn't exactly fun, and the best part of it, we get to have makan-dalam-dulang kinda theme!

 Cupcakes and cakes overload.

OMG, it was probably the biggest eat-it-all feast I've ever had. There was so much food!! Apart from the birthday cake, we had a cake for Father's Day, a cake for Mother's Day, and cupcakes for the kids. Thank God my uncle invited some close friends of his too, so we just kinda dig into whatever's on the sheet.

And if my friends asked, "why did you gain weight when you have bigger workload??", I would show them this picture. THISS.

Maybe I should just stay home and never go out anymore.

But anyway, the verdict - I'm glad they chose the restaurant. The waiters are nice and helpful, they gave us extra boxes and plastic bags to tapau the leftover - God bless them, we couldn't possibly finish it all - and even waited at the door in case we needed anything. Super helpful. And the food - there were nasi Arab (I think? It's definitely not nasi Mandy or beryani as what the Middle Eastern restaurants are famous for, so I figured I might as well call it nasi Arab.) There were salad, tomato/chilli sauce, some desserts made of yogurt which I didn't have cause the look was revolting, and also grilled chicken and lamb to be eaten with the rice. YUM.

And me, holding the worst blogger ever title, of late - forgot to take the interior of the restaurant. (smacking self) It was beautiful; you can definitely feel the Middle Eastern-ish atmosphere in there with all the big vases and costumes and they even have a store selling all jubahs and abaya Arabian women love to wear. Of course, I went inside to peek at the price tag - the cheapest is RM250+. There, I'm sure I made it up for not taking pictures here, aren't I?

(though I'm not sure they're the nicest abaya/jubah you can find, cause I think I've seen nicer. Shuush.)

However, I managed to snap a picture of my aunt who is obsessed with everything Middle Eastern (they lived in Qatar for a few years) and she wore an abaya bought there to the party! Should've worn one if anyone had told me the theme sheesh.

Apparently I'm also the worst blog-photographer ever.

Their details :

Al-Rawsha Restaurant,
No 8, Jalan Kampung Pandan,
55100 KL.

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