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The Avengers.

Having watched The Avengers for the second time, I think I ought to at least do a fair review.

The first time.

And yesterday, my housemate and I decided to go and watch it for the second time. We wondered at first if we shouldn't, but quoting my friend, "it gets better when you watch it the second time" - so we gave it a try.

It was awesome!

Well, of course, considering most of you have watched it anyway. But trust me, second time is a must!

On to the favorites list, I'd say Hulk and Iron Man really get the high scores (even from the critics). I didn't expect much from Captain America as I snoozed off during the first half of Captain America : The First Avenger movie (too much gloss, I think) so I was looking forward to seeing the other characters I haven't seen yet (Hawk Eye and Black Widow).

Hulk was a brilliant transformation from 2003 to 2008 to 2012, I must say. I love how they make him with humor this time, other than smashing things around; the thing he's good at. And it works cause the audience loved him! I watched the first time in premiere class so it was less noisy, more reserved-ish kinda reaction from the audience, but the second time in regular seats, people were cheering. I don't think I ever had that experience here in Malaysia, so that's a good signal.

Iron Man, as usual, didn't disappoint at all. Having enjoyed his previous two movies, I knew I'd love the 2012 version too. (Shahrul would rolled his eyes on this one, I'm sure.) And Loki kinda grew on me, this time...

Definitely worth the two visits.

What I wore yesterday. Favorite bracelet and favorite top.


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