my old kampung.

So I've reached Tokyo safe and sound last Sunday, in case you guys were wondering. Been holding to my laptop for dear life since I've reached here cause my phone line is totally out (didn't know I'm supposed to pay Maxis in advance for roaming, so yeah, I'm phone-less now) and since this guest house only have internet cable line and no wifi, I can only use laptop at night after the whole day of meetings and discussions.

Now, if your boss asked you to go business trip overseas, THINK TWICE. I'm currently in the place so dear to my heart and yet my day is the freaking office. It's so frustrating I could cry.

But still, breathing in the familiar air is nice. Having the food I used to have during uni days at the uni's cafe is nice. Talking to this people, in the language I've abandoned for nearly a year, is nice.

 Coffee during meetings and discussions. Japanese coffee is way thicker than what we used to have in Malaysia, so it's not surprising that they prefer ours so much.

 Our current "office"

 What we had for dinner

And what I bought after dropping by a bookstore just now. The first Japanese album I've ever bought, the first Rachael Yamagata's CD, the CD I used to borrow from a friend's many collections. Got MCR's for 500 yen and Rachael Y's for freaking 250 yen, and they're in mint condition!

Screw souvenirs, I'm bringing back CDs from now on.


  1. bestnyer pergi jepun lagi.. aritu study kat jepun.. :)

    1. work commitment calls! hehe. alhamdulillah, a good opportunity :)

  2. okay..this is sungguh balik kampong..hahahaha!



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