another vain post.

You know why I've been hiding under my blanket these past few days?

Because of this.

The weird, hideous spots on my forehead.

Can someone please tell me WHAT THE HECK are these spots? I thought they were some zits about to pop up, but after a few days I realized they're not. They're these bumpy gigantic red thingy that makes my forehead looks like it's been bumped into something - only it's not.

And I'm reaching this annoyed point that I just can't be bothered about it anymore. And having to look at it in the mirror every freaking day really isn't helping.

If you have any idea on how to kill these bitches (excuse my language) please, be my guest.

Until then, see you after I'm out of this blanket hiding from the world.


  1. that looks so sakit..

  2. sakit at first..but after that i dont feel anything anymore, but theyre still there :(


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