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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
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my bestfriend is engaged :)

And she looked as gorgeous as ever.

And she made me want to flip over bridal's magazines like right now.
And she made me feel so old. Haha.

Nevertheless, I am so happy for her I can't say :)

I'm just so used to think of her and her (ehem) fiance as 'the couple' that when they got engaged, it almost felt like nothing's changed. THAT'S HOW STRONG THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS. I mean, 8 years! Me and Shahrul have been together for like, 5 years plus and even we sometimes need some space. Haha.

I hate the fact that they chose a cool date to tie the knot - 9/10/11. Pfft.

It's so cute because her mum actually ordered a cake with their picture on it - it looks so real! We had a hard time eating their faces afterwards though. Hehe.

Her dad actually keeps these chickens (I don't know what's the breed is - not in any engineering syllabus, unfortunately) and they have this wideee garden surrounding the house. We ALMOST went down to the sawah padi to take pictures because the view is so breathtakingly beautiful.

 Super duper happy for this girl. Look how happy she is!

(Pictures credit to Azie and Fatunk's camera as well as mine)

Now, I know what you're going to ask because I've been hearing it all day. No, my turn isn't up yet. But I'll make sure you guys know it first if it is :)

To Syarina Shahar, congratulations!!! Hope this marks a beautiful beginning for you :) I can't wait till the big day! And love you, forever and ever.


  1. KAN?! She looks so gorgeous on that day :) what is it with wedding glow?! Sheesh.

  2. sorry for asking...

    what's on ur forehead? forehead kah..actually dekat between the eyebrows tuh. mcm scar pnjg.

    u ade cedera or jatuh ke?!!

  3. Damn. How did you manage to notice that?! Hehe.

    It's acne scar I had sometime ago. Wish it'd go away :(( if you know how to get rid of it, plsss tell me!! Thanks.


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