i know i should sleep, but

Sometimes kan, I'd really really like to have just an extra one hour in a day.

Like right now. It's almost midnight and I've just done my prayer, eat, pat cat for a while, entertain little brother, reply a few emails and now getting ready for bed after one whole day of work and getting stuck in the jam.

BUT I REALLY REALLY NEED TO WRITE. Oh gosh how I miss blogging, as a young carefree person.

There's so many things going on; the busiest week I've ever had, with surprising events took turn at every corner - I feel like I need a breather and pause for a while and of course, blab about every single thing here. But I can't. I've learned that time is key; and privacy is something that people can sue you for later on.

So. Good news is, I'm going for the weekend getaway with my two bestfriends in the whole world and we're going to this place that used to be my favorite spot; in fact it still is! Say hi if you saw me, it's not like I'm going to give you money but I just think that it'd be nice.

AquĆ­ vengo!

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