crash and burn. and new.

I'm a big whiner. I know that fact was well established through this blog.


My iPhone crashed on me last weekend.

The phone, my sweet little phone, decided to die on me and never come to life again.

Downloaded this stupid app on Cydia (I SHOULD'VE listen to that voice in my head) and whoosh after that, it kept crashing and won't even turn on for more than 30 seconds. Tried restoring it, but to no avail - iTunes kept giving me the error code of "software being at risk of not repairable" something like that - and just like that, I cannot use the phone anymore.

Stupid, stupid bloody Cydia apps.

So I've lost all photos, songs, even contacts on that phone. I bought a new phone (not an iPhone, obviously - cannot put myself all those memories thing anymore) but I know nothing can beat my 3-year old iPhone 3G even how slow, annoying that phone is.

Gosh I miss my phone :(

Am a HTC user now, and you know what I hate the most about gadgets? Learning how to use one. It's been yearssss since I last bought a new phone, and I'm just so used to iPhone interface that using a new different type of phone is just a foreign concept to me! Took me daysss just to figure out how move the apps around, etc.

And you know what upset me the most?

I can no longer use Viber.

I wish the Android guys would just get off their asses and make the Viber for Android happen already.

And don't even get me started on Instagram.

Last picture posted on Instagram. Will be missing you, dear friend.


  1. Welcome to androidity ;)

  2. theres viber for android la! go look for it

  3. @anon : hahah thanks! :)

    @Nina : already did, just came out a few days ago kan? i swear the android guys heard my prayers! haha



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