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I honestly do not understand why I haven't blogged about this.

Have you heard of the name Irna la Perle?

Irna la Perle is actually an Indonesian brand (I just knew about it..sighh so close to Malaysia. I shall give my salary to my mum to keep), specializing in making bridal clothes and accessories.

When I saw the head pieces, my jaw dropped. I wish we have something like these in Malaysia.

My current favorite

If you looked over the website, they have gorgeous gowns (mostly bridal gowns, unfortunately) in pastel colors and classy layering style. I know I can't wear those bridal gowns outside, but would it be weird if I wore the head pieces to shopping malls??

*smacks head*

I was definitely one of the girls who wouldn't care so much for head pieces (AzuraAzwa is EXCEPTIONAL, mind you) but these are really really gorgeous I feel like flying over there and buy and come back home and cry.

 The necklaces reminded me of AzuraAzwa's

Thank God they have other modern gowns too.

Now I know why they say best kaftans/dresses/gowns are there. Come to think of it, I always see how Malaysian designers tend to use very vibrant colors compared to pastel ones when it comes to kaftans/dresses, hence the difference in both countries albeit sharing the same culture.

Anyway. Been busy taking care of Baby Niece lately (apart from my full-time job), I wish you could see just how big she is now.

She knows how to shake her head whenever she doesn't want something she holds being taken away from her, and when she's angry, and when you are not doing something she wants you to do. I swear she's getting way smarter now.

Lastly, just a little something for you to drool over.


  1. very nice!!btw, indonesian fashion/style change very fast..u cannot find da same design on da following week!!

  2. KAN! I need to go to Bandung/Jakarta soonnn.

  3. nak ikot!!hahaha..sebok jek =P jakarta most similar cam KL unless u spot particular boutique to visit..klu x penat but bandung is heaven to shopping..byk fO,bawak duit 8 guni =P



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