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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

things i miss about japan.

Since I've got nothing to do at home except channel-ing to E! and eat-sleep combo, so many things reminded me of Japan and realize that despite my constant bitterness with my student life there, I really miss my life life there.

Like how I can go anywhere without bothering anyone. Being independent. Shortage of shampoo? Let's ride on that bike and stop by the hugee supermarket nearby and do some side-shopping. Want some alone time? Take that bus to the city and spend the whole day just walking along the roads of shops and go home when it's getting dark. I could kill for that LRT station to be built right across the street, now. (Penang traffic sucks)

Like how friends can drop by my house anytime. Malaysians in Hiroshima doesn't have an association for nothing - it's been like a week and a half, and I'm already missing them. BIG TIME.

Like how cashiers in stores are so polite and soft-spoken and nice. I don't need to compare, now, do I?

Like how internet/going online is our source of living. And it serves like how it should. I'm still downloading a movie from Piratebay since..2 days ago. And it's now 23.9% completed.

Like how you can watch anything by downloading from internet. Refer to above. There's a reason why I'm watching E! all the time. (Ooh but there's this Malay drama on TV3 I really like - forgot the name.)

Like how fashionable the girls are. The brave style, the flawless fair skin, the perfect combination of everything they put on. I'm telling you, there's a conspiracy going on there - the girls in my class can put on anything - biker jacket, studded boots, or anything we'd never dreamed of wearing - and STILL look fabulous. Like they just went 'hmm what should I wear today? Oh maybe that baggy jeans in my closet' and the whole thing just turn out so darn fabulous. I'm telling you. If it was me wearing that baggy jeans, I might scream at my own reflection in the mirror.

I guess the Japanese girls just have this sense about style. What suits them and what's not.

Like how many Hello Kitty stuffs you can find there. FULL STOP.

Like how cheap Forever 21 stuffs there. Once when I was back for holiday, I went to this F21 store in Penang, and couldn't bear to buy anything cause I felt like I'm being robbed! Zara, too. But with Zara I can sacrifice anything, I swear.

But somehow, being with family makes up for not having the above, partly. I'm still pissed off with public transportation in Malaysia (oh I forgot to mention - public buses in Japan are deadly punctual. You can plan to go on that 1.10 pm bus and it arrives exactly that) because despite having a newly-built bus stop in front of my house, buses refuse to jalan on time. I once waited for almost TWO hours before one showed up.

And then there's this whole getting started to work thing. I wonder if this is how every fresh graduate feels, or if it's just me. To rent house close to work, to buy a car, to settle everything work-related before officially working - NOT AN EASY TASK.

Thank God I've got my loved ones to cheer up my day.

So there. I wish I could jot down everything, but the list might come off as complaints, so I'd better off not. You can't have everything going your way, because as much as I love being there, I know I'd always be happy here.

It's all about being where your heart is.


  1. which area of png? bleh jmpe^

  2. aww haha. insyaAllah some time :) im in seberang area.


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