of mascaras.

Bought new Lancome's Hypnose the other day, to add to my ever-expanding mascara collection.

OK maybe not so much as 'collection', to be honest..just a bunch of cheap Maybelline ones.

My favorite used to be The Magnum Volume Express, then Define-A-Lash. I believe not to spend too much on makeup, hence the slowly developing love for NYX cause NYX is cheap here. (Owned a Chanel travel makeup palette, and that prolly the only expensive one I've got - besides a couple of MAC's eyeshadows.) And when it comes to mascara, I'm not so fussy cause to be honest, every mascara just gives the same result to me.

Back when I used Define-A-Lash

But this Hypnose mascara really impressed me. No rash, no smudge, easy to use. Personally I've not seen any improvement in terms of making the lashes longer from the previous mascara I've used, but reading other reviews on internet, Lancome really has a very good mascara range.

 Sorry I can never apply eyeliner on my upper eyelid right..pfft.

OK maybe there's some difference there. Got this at a cheaper price, too - from 2500+ yen to 1900+ yen! SCORE :)


  1. I love define a lash! That's my favorite one. Currently, I'm using Revlon CustomEyes. I like it, but I don't know if I like it more then define a lash.

  2. Haven't tried Revlon's mascara yet, tho I love the brand. Define a lash is awesome :))

  3. NICE ONEEEEEEEE ! ! ! How you apply the mascara eh oren, so nicely done !

    Grr I've got shaky hands thus explained the smear on my eyes, from sexy to smokey . Dang !

    PS : In case you are wondering, yes, I'm flooding your comment box because I'm missing reading your posts !

  4. thank youu Uted! it's pure luck, some days I can never get it right - smudge all over! haha. practice makes perfect, lol. :)



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