the much delayed pictures.

Just some Soubetsukai pictures from various cameras.

Yes, all from SLRs.

Suddenly I feel like a poor senior with a Canon digicam (Powershot, regardless) surrounded with SLR-owned rich juniors..pfft.

Am loving the Picnic feature on Picasa.

On another note, I've been slaving away at lab these past few days because my lecturer needed some results for his paper. Despite the fact that I have to complete my thesis a week from now (I'm determined to submit my thesis by next Friday cause the next few weeks would be filled with going-home preparation, so I'd kneel and plead to him to let me go if that's what it takes) I'm still stuck at lab for at least a week. NO. FUN.

Who bloody says you'll have freedom after final year presentation? Thesis is a WHOLE lot of work, my friend.

Regardless, I'm determined to celebrate this weekend going to some place nice, or eat at some nice restaurants, or just have a good time.

When I come back to Malaysia, I'm going to go to for a quiet weekend by the beach, at some really really nice island (Perhentian woohoo) with girlfriends and have the time of my life. SERIOUSLY. Make plan, girls.

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