fancy pants, anyone?

Me and pants, we were never friends.

I've been the top-jeans-heels girl all the way, that I haven't really embrace the thought of wearing any other kind of pants.

But while browsing Tumblr a few days ago, something caught my eye : tapered pants.

So simple yet so elegant. And so many styles to choose from! (Granted, they all look the same..but still) Can be worn with heels for that elegant-sexy The Devil Wear Prada look, and flats for the toning down look.

But I truly think brown actually does the justice of it. Black might seem to formal, white is suicidal cause it'll emphasize the hips disproportionately (the wide leg has already done the job, don't overdo it. Cream is better) and grey might be too safe.

Yadotsa Studded Pants in Plushpink via FashionValet

I know a lot of people say tapered pants look hideous - as you might seem much fuller than you actually are. Who wants to look like they have bigger hips, right? But it's only the question of finding the right pair, a size too small might emphasize the parts it shouldn't, I think.

Above all, tapered pants is great for those who just wanna get out of all those skinny jeans days. Recently, I've been resenting my wardrobe so much for having too many skinny jeans that I think aren't very appropriate; I just can't make sense of them anymore. Wearing them make me a tad too conscious. (And no, not because I've gained weight can check my weight scale check, people)

Am still thinking of getting one, which means I'd have to walk around town till I find the right one..yes I'm fussy like that :/ 

Anyway. I've got a account today! Can't get over the here it is. Still have no idea no idea what to do with it though, but I can browse and browse and hype and hype and hype all day, there's no stopping me.

Is it bad that I think this is just so hot? :/

(pictures from Google)


  1. Tapered pants is so IN now, you should have one in your wardrobe oren ! you can wear it formal, casual, and in any style . Just tuck your shirt in and wear some skinny belt you are good to go .

    Plus, you're SKINNY ORANGE !

  2. tulah, am so tempted to get one! good tomorrow is holiday..*evil smile*

    haha I'm not that skinny though..-__-

  3. im moving to new blog, later i've give u the address.

    stay good.




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