done with presentation!

As of yesterday, my final year is officially a step closer to an end.

Because I'm now done with my final year presentation.

I want to cry, I want to laugh, I want to scream all at once hence making it's hard for me to even form an expression. Seriously. I can never be an actress.

Nevermind. Because as of now, I DON'T HAVE TO DO ANY PRESENTATION ANYMORE!!

It was a crazy week, I've been sleeping with half eyes open thinking about my FYP in my sleep, woke up at 6 am and just stare at the ceiling thinking about my FYP, basically just doing everything with my head occupied with it.

So yesterday finally came, and I really felt like the 4 years of hard work finally paid off.

Once it was over, I just can't wait to go home and sleep. My friend from high school, Mizah and the gang from Tokyo arrived here in the evening, so it was a girly night for us! 

And that means..catching up and desserts.

They're off to Miyajima today, and I'm at home doing absolutely nothing for the first time in weeks. It feels weird, not having to think about the slides or Excels or anything FYP-related. 

I still have to submit my thesis by end of March before calling myself a graduate, so these coming weeks would be thesis writing and nothing more.

End of March. That's veryy far..

Now excuse me while I catch up on my sleep.



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