winter in kyoto.

After much contemplating, we decided to spend our winter break in the famous ol' city of Kyoto because 1) Kyoto is famous with its decades old temples (jinjya) 2) we haven't been there yet 3) in the hope of finding a warmer place than Hiroshima/Fukuoka; a big city is definitely it.

Went to Kobe, stayed at Fiqah's place. Shocked cause Kobe is almost as cold as Hiroshima!

Went to Kiyomizu-dera and Kinkakuji in Kyoto :) Despite the city having lots and lots of jinjya, we only managed to go to those two. Because KYOTO, TOO, IS FREAKING COLD.

I might look so numb in the pictures, so please don't hate same cold expression.

 Kiyomizu-dera, at the gate
 One of the temples inside
At the famous spot :)

For you guys so that I don't have to Wiki.

There were so many people and it was freaking cold! The coat might look comforting but it still can't beat the Japan's extreme weather. Pfft. No more new coats after this..

Next stop, Kinkakuji. He really wanted to see this temple cause apparently it is made of GOLD. I wanted to ask "which Emperor made this for his lovely Queen?" but that might end me with a long speech of Japan history from him, so nevermind.
Took a bus from the nearest eki.

The gate

And..the Gold Temple!
The biggest tickets I've ever seen
The inside park wasn't so bad, it reminded me of Shukkeien Garden.
Am loving the Kyoto sky.

Had dinner at one of the best buffet restaurant in Kobe, Fisherman's Market. THE. FOOD. IS. AWESOME. It is situated in Harborland Mall, so please go for it when you're in Kobe. SERIOUSLY. You won't be sorry. 2900 yen per person.

It's quite hard to find halal restaurant here, so seafood restaurants are like food heavens for us.

The guys loved the crabs, but I like the fried rice and smoked mackarel more. Have never eaten so many fish in one night my entire life.

Temples + nature + good food = The perfect getaway :)


  1. beautiful scenery, nice place and great outing.

    Have a great year ahead.

  2. thank you :)

    have a great year ahead!

  3. @incikneng : terbaik ahh kan kan hehe :D :D

    @love and sugar : yes it is :) alhamdulillah I was lucky to have been there. you must come to Japan one day :)

  4. love your coat! <33

  5. thank you! :)) not mine though, got it from my sister. hehe.



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