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I was talking to my little brother last few nights.

We occasionally converse in Manglish (Malay+English) mostly because I love to tease him in English (I know he gets everything I'm saying, but he's just really bad with comebacks) and he hates it when I do that and he would resort to making fun of my English.

But during our last phone call, he suddenly decided to get into full-swing English-speaking mode.

The common problem with us, the Utara-ians; we can't pronounce the 'r' right (occurs mostly among the elders, though. We the younger generations are lucky we have TVs to learn) so apparently my little brother is one of them.
"..yeah I play badminton tell Shahrul to practice"
"..ooh can you ghead my mind?? ha ha.."
"..give me your Skype password, I want to spend your money, I don't have any money"
"..alghait, alghait.."

Oh in case you're wondering, the last part was 'alright'.

Repeat the conversation 40 times in your head. OMG I laughed so hard I think I might offend him at some point. Well nothing he hasn't heard of, anyway.

But deep down, I realize it was one of our best phone talks. Most entertaining, actually. We're so close that when we had a fight, he'd always come to me first eventually because 'there's no one to play with'. Growing up, of course me being the older sister always have to give in; even though I did smashed his PS3 controller once. Fighting over game and TV was our usual routine.

But over time, I had grown apart from him; being so far away from home. It was one of the things I always found solace in, freedom was all I needed, I thought. But later it's true, distance is a bliss. We became the best of friends, more than we ever did before.

I love how always manage to light up the situation no matter how bad it is. I love how you think every guy in the street are bad guys who'd cast gross looks at your sisters. I love how you're the textbook definition of over-protective. I love that you're always looking forward to picking me up at the airport. I love how you always act so grown up when we all know you're our little brother inside. I love that you make me feel worth looking up to when I feel like a big mess. I love your so-called funny jokes. I love how you would sulk everytime you have a fight with mum when you know very well you guys would make up 3 minutes later.

We talked for about an hour and before we hung up, my mum took the phone and said, "he would never say it but he misses you."

I miss you too lil' chap! :)


  1. ahhha .cute ;) mesti best ble ada adik. especially boy. kann?

  2. haha! it is cool until you have a screaming match ;) but other than that, he's been a blessing. alhamdulillah :)


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