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mind. blown.

A few weeks ago, I watched Black Swan after so much fuss being made about the lead role which played by Natalie Portman.

Watched it on a Saturday morning, and I had to spend the whole weekend getting over just the shock of it.

If you're easily traumatized, don't watch. But you'll be missing the best physiological thriller by far, with incredibly beautiful acting and special effects.

Black Swan is a great movie even if it scared me sheytless.

"Nina: I had the craziest dream last night about a girl who has turned into a swan, but her prince falls for the wrong girl and she kills herself. " - Black Swan 

The movie is basically about a ballerina, Nina (Natalie Portman) who struggles to win a leading role 'Black Swan', which is initially for another ballerina (Mila Kunis). In order to win the role she has to sink deeper to her 'dark' side as asked by her director, but later she slowly turns to her evil side and loses her mind.

This movie left me feeling like..screaming at something. But be warned, some scenes might not be suitable for you poor straight lads! Haha.

Well, as it turns out - Natalie Portman won an award for Best Actress at Golden Globes yesterday for this role! Should've seen this coming.

Go and watch it, if you dare. I mean, just think about it. Natalie Portman. Mila Kunis (who reminded me of Angelina Jolie I don't know why). Winona Ryder. Lesbians. What could make a better combination than that?

But there are things you should know :
  • Don't fall for those reviews saying you should watch Black Swan - you shouldn't.
  • But if you decided to watch, don't watch it alone. Never watch it alone, in fact.
  • Ask your girlfriends to tag along.
  • Avoid sitting beside an older man - or you'd risk feeling creepy during those lesbian, guy-and-girl scenes.
  • Don't watch the graphic scenes - bury yourself in your hands or you'd risk thinking about it forever.
  • Don't have a big meal before seeing the movie, cause you'll definitely have that queasy sick feeling by the end of the movie. 

After all, I'm sure every girl can relate to its famous quote by the very dark role - I just want to be perfect.


  1. watched it & loved it! =D

  2. y cant watch this movie alone? creepy how?


  3. because it's hauntingly scary. during some parts, I think. not the kind of movie I want to watch alone -_- but I'm a chicken, so that might differs :) hehe. go watch! natalie portman is soo goodd.


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