rory's birkin bag.

In anticipation of waiting for my monthly presentation tomorrow, I decided to spend the whole day watching my favorite TV series and get as comfortable as I can instead of hanging out at Zara (my favorite place in the whole world). Can even save some plenty of money too.

And..I was watching this episode of Rory getting a Birkin bag from Logan. And for the millionth time, I am starstruck.

Rory doesn't even know this bag is the most sought after bag in the world, so exclusively made that even Emily doesn't have one! Well, considering just how the Gilmores are very very rich, you would've thought Emily would have one too. She does have a few Chanels, though. Which practically just makes it up for not having a Birkin.

I mean, I've always loved this episode just because I love looking at the bag fresh from the big Hermes box, but as I grew older I realized just how much my love for bags is. I might not really fully understood the value of this Birkin bag before, but I realize that I AM NOW.

This Birkin bag, is what I imagine my heaven would be filled with. But it would be useless cause in heaven everyone else gets one too (or more if they're crazy about bags like I am). Just as the guys' heaven would be filled with PS3s and PS2s and HTC Androids.

But I was thinking..don't you think every girl deserves a Birkin bag? I mean, after everything we've been through (periods, period cramps, double standard issues, birth, etc..being a girl IS NOT EASY) I honestly think this bag should be available to all women out there.

Because this world would be a much better place with this bag in our possession. It'd last a lifetime, so spending 2,238,000 yen (US$27079.80) on a perfect bag is perfectly normal.

See, that's why all the girls in the world want to marry David Beckham. Because he gives Posh all the happiness in the world.


  1. pehh terer la besok happyo bleh lyn crite.
    good luck happyou~

  2. mahal skal jak beg usd2000... huuhuhuh..dpt k travel ngeliling dunia..hehehe

  3. @anon : takde lahhh sebab kinchou lah kne tgk cte byk2. haha. thank you :)

    @fadli : among the most expensive bags kot. tu lah. baik jalan2 :)



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