be the bigger person.

I might be the millionth person yet to blog about the chaos of Malaysia-Indonesia match. Partly because I didn't really watch the whole thing, and partly because I think there's just enough embarrassment for the whole world to watch.

It's simple. Get over it. Win or lose, it's all part of the game. Why pour more oil to an angry fire?

Even the M. Ozawa tweeted about it.

Rest assured, it's not like I care about how we look to her, nor did I even follow her (saw the tweet when one of my friends RT-ed her. If you don't know her, DO NOT GOOGLE) but this just basically means the world witnesses everything.

Maybe it's just about time till Paris Hilton tweets about it. I hate to think what happens then.

Anyway, today marks my second (or maybe third? I've lost track of time already) day of my winter break. Been hanging out in my room most of the time since it's freezing cold outside and with snow coming up soon, I might just start my hibernation period right now.

Hibernation, to me, equals to good movies and books.

 Ada Apa Dengan Cinta

Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger

Nothing like curling up in warm blanket watching teen movie (I LOVE DIAN!! She was basically my teenage idol. And my motivation to keep my hair long.) and a good book to read. Yes, that's The Time Traveler's Wife's author..I'm yet to finish this book but so far it's amazing. Well, as expected.

And tomorrow I'm going to Kyoto for New Year :) Can't wait!! Hello awesome winter break.

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  1. i agree. tak phm sme org nak kecoh2..mmalukn je kot..chill sudahh


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