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the sexy convict and muffins.

Last few days, I've finally finished watching all four seasons of Prison Break.

If you haven't watched it yet and don't wish to know what happened in the end, please skip this post, thank you. MAJOR ending bitching below.

I don't know if it's just me, or if everyone's watching this series feels the same way; but I've never felt so moved by the whole plot.
Trust me, action series never really gotten my attention before because when I'm opting for drama series I'd want a lighter, humorous, girls-just-wanna-have-fun one. Best example, Gilmore Girls and Friends - I can watch these two series season back-to-back and never got tired. I'm a chicken like that, like any other average girls.

But Prison Break kinda did it for me. Though I think I'll never watch anymore action series after this.

 Michael Scofield, sexiest convict alive.

It was nostalgic at first cause I remember watching the series' first season when I was in AAJ, UM with my close friends, in the midst of unfinished tutorial reports to be handed in the next day and the never-ending tests, we still managed to cramp ourselves in the tiny room of Kolej 12 and watch the whole series.

So last week I was running out of drama to watch, and thought of this series since I haven't seen the 2nd season till the 4th yet. My boyfriend told me they canceled the series; so Season 4 would be the last one. So I downloaded and watched.

Finished the whole four seasons with these.

I'm not kidding, I cried like mad when I watched the ending. I think I scared my boyfriend off after that with "why on earth did they kill Michael???? OMG penat je tengok the whole series keep on cheering on him to win and kill the bad guys OMGGG he doesn't deserve thissss what crazy producer kills the herooooo" wails.

I've never cried like that before, over a TV series character dying..I swear. I'm not a psycho, really.

*wipes tears*

I thought hard before posting this entry because I don't want to be reminded of Michael Scofield dying and Sara Tancredi had to live alone without a husband (even though she had Michael's friends and Lincoln Burrows BUT STILL) and after everything that they went through..I don't ever want to be reminded of it again. Everyone wants a happy ending, MR PRODUCER.
But one day I might read this again and laugh.

*wipes tears again*

On another note, I got a parcel today! I was down with cramps and stomach ache and sore throat last weekend, and been craving for this yummy muffins he usually buys whenever I go to Fukuoka.

See what I got on my footsteps today :) MUFFINS AND POTATO CHIPS!!

I love the muffins cause they're a thousand times bigger than the usual ones, seriously. Can't even finish it in one day.

To you, thank you so much for the parcel! I'm a happy happy girl now :)


  1. wakakakaakakaka!

    'what crazy producer kills the herooooo'

    urgh, sgt xley bla. kui3.

  2. yelah, hero mesti kene menang kan?! ade ke buat hero mati pfft. hi wawa! :D haha mcm jauh sgt je.


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