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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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being a mommy
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the perfect mum.

Am so proud to say, done with Mini Shopaholic today. AT LAST. Been procrastinating it since last week, and lab has been busy with the nearly three-week abandoned final year project so I was determined to finish it today.

Honestly, it's very good, kept me intrigued to find out what happened on the next page BUT it's not her best work, I must say. The Domestic Goddess is still my favorite among all :) Must read, if you haven't.

I think chicklits and I are through. For now, at least. Usually I would read Sophie Kinsella's with undivided focus, grabbing the book while reading like holding on to dear life; but not anymore. I think that explains why I can't finish this book in one day like I usually do. The feeling is just isn't there anymore. (Despite having all those Marian Keyes' books scattered around the house..hehe)

OMG, I'm growing up! Haha. (To Miss Sophie Kinsella, if you're reading this please don't be offended, I'm still your biggest fan. Please don't hate me.)
Finished the book today, and managed to catch up with my weekly dose of romantic comedy movies - the biggest achievements. I had nothing to watch (Watched all latest episode of Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Smallville) so decided to look for evergreen romantic movies.

Googled a bit, and found this list of 50+ most romantic movies of all time. Clicked, read, copy-pasted the title into PirateBay, clicked, downloaded a whole bunch!

Notting Hill, When Harry Met Sally, While You Were Sleeping (I LOVE SANDRA BULLOCK), Love Actually, etc. Just say it, I've watched them all.

But The Perfect Man, starring Hilary Duff and Heather Locklear kinda did it for me.

It's not exactly the perfect romantic movie I originally wanted but I relate to the story quite well to let go.

Read the synopsis here.

It's a clean, humorous (if you're a fan of the Disney star) and fluffy movie. Kinda boring if you're looking for a deeper substance to have your mind working for an hour or so, but enjoyable. I like the fact that Hilary Duff doesn't make girls nowadays to have forks down their throats; that having a bit more here and there doesn't hurt. That you don't have to be skinny all the time.

But the main point is, there's a quote from the movie that got me.
To all you bloggers out there, being raised by single moms..give the old lady a break. She's doing the best she can.
- Holly Hamilton.

And I pondered a lot since then. Going back home this summer opened my eyes a lot about the life my mum's leading; sometimes it just hit me that she is, after all, a single parent raising four children on her own. While some people like to believe she has loads of money left from my late dad, and her own salary, I can honestly say, it's really not true.

It's difficult being a single mum, what with the society we live in. I've seen how much she has grown; how much things have changed. And I'm so, so proud of her.

Over the years, I realized how much we the children have pressured her to be the perfect mother. Whether we know it or not. That's why the quote really hits me the hardest.

So this goes to you too, if you're being raised by a single parent. Give them a break.

As for my mum, she's a SUPERWOMAN :D


  1. i really like this photo of u wif ur mum..coz u look healthy & happy =)


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