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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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the magazine junkie and hanabi.

Looking back, I've always been a magazine junkie. Living in AAJ was such a bliss because I get my magazine supply almost every month thanks to Mid Valley and the super nice boyfriend (haha the early years..).

I can't believe I still keep the old CLEOs -_-

So last weekend I had to go to see an optometrist because my eyes are starting to itch and since I basically can't live without contact lenses, listening to the doctor saying how super-sensitive my eyes are and how I've hurt my retina (I think) by wearing lenses 24/7 and how I should eat more veggie are NOT pleasant.

But managed to grab a couple of Japanese magazines after the appointment :) The magazine shop is right next to the clinic..what's a girl to do?

I've read everywhere about the ViVi magazine which seems to win every girl's heart, but I just never really get around with buying a Japanese magazine before. Firstly, I personally don't fancy Japanese brand here - Honeys, MIX, etc..they always seem too dull and trust me, everywhere I go the smallest size would be M. I'm a XS-S so there aren't pretty much anything for me here.
Secondly , I'm a person who would spend hours reading a magazine, back-to-back - so language plays a huge role. 

But boy was I wrong. The reviews are true, despite the language ViVi is simply awesome!! I love everything about it - the colorful pages, the pretty pictures, the ads..worth my 650 yen :D

And they featured Venti Anni too.

Venti Anni is now officially my first favorite Japanese brand. Found this one store selling VA shoes for 70% HAHA.

Though I must warn you, flipping through both magazines is hard - Japanese chicks in there are really, really pretty. And summer's magazines are to die for, I love seeing everything so colorful! Too bad my wardrobe doesn't consist much of a colorful dress or bikini. Hehe.
I'm still reading the magazine with a dictionary in hand, it's surprising how well you pick up the words when you read about the things you like. This skill would come in handy if I could develop the same feelings for subjects.

Anyway, this is late but we went to see hanabi last Saturday :) Had to take off in the morning to avoid the traffic so we reached there hours before the hanabi starts, you can imagine how freaking hot it was! Waiting for night to come was an agony.

But the hanabi was worth it :) Super cool.

And they're going to waterfalls tomorrow, I can't go because I have to do jikken :( I don't like final year.


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