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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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the horror #2.

My mum added me as friend on Facebook.

I do not know how to respond to this. Remember this one? And I thought it was the horror-est thing I could ever encounter in my life.

Then my mum just had to have a Facebook account too..sigh.


I'm just praying she won't find this blog. Or I'LL BE SO DEAD THEN.


  1. wuuu?
    kalo kantoi tu nak buat cmne huk huk.
    mcm abah n emak akak found out my blog ni.
    dlu mmg takut tp bile da kantoi tu lynkan jek huhuhu.

  2. really?? serious cuak haha. padahal bkn ade ape nak sorok pun. its just plain weird lahh isk -_-

  3. in the future wat happens when your child discovers yer blog?? tu lagi weird kot.. ahahha

  4. HAHA cettt takkan kot. NO WAY. hahahah.

  5. zatil,nak promote nih..zatil mesti tatau la zatil dh penah bkk ke ape...

    onna ni masyaAllah cantiknya...die jpnese-english.die pakai ape2 pon cantik.die fashion designer n ade magazine sendrik-maysaa

  6. ooh tau2 pernah baca blog die! :) yea shes soo pretty..her clothes sume dress labuh2 kan? patut la muka die mcm asian sikit. before ni ada follow blog die tp pastu bila dah edit lupa pulak haha. thanks! :))

  7. Hahaha... weh, nk kena jaa perangai la.. Jadi macam aku skang nih..huhu.. Bapak aku n segala makcik2 smua ada.. Siap dok nengok blog aku lagik.. Macam nk pengsan pon ada.. tpi ni la masa untuk meletus!ahaha

  8. LOL

    I am actually one of those people who doesn't get why people are afraid of parents going through their Facebook profile =P

    And your mum doesn't know you blog? Hmm.. if she knows how to Facebook, I'm sure she also knows how to Google =P

  9. @hilal : yea tulaa pasal. its not like ada benda nak sorok pun, just it feels weird..hehe. meletus apa? hahaha

    @shahirah : yea i think im just too personal when it comes to parents knowing everything you do on the internet..haha. seriously i hope she doesnt know how to google!!*crossed fingers*


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