happy ramadan!

Okay..so I'm one day late to wish you all this, but I was too tired to write today (read: hungry and letih and tired and hungry) so I waited till tonight.


Semoga amalan kita diberkati Allah, insyaAllah.
May we all change for the better throughout this holy month, and be wiser in understanding the whole point of fasting.
May God bless us all.

I skipped lab today as we're supposed to start our 'Obon' holiday (Obon : Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the deceased spirit of one's ancestors) till next week, and since yesterday most of my seniors didn't come to lab I decided to start my holiday early HAHA. (We're supposed to start 'Obon' holiday tomorrow) Who cares lah kan as long as my final year project is still going.

Speaking of which, I got the equipments needed for the project and am finally able to do my jikken :) I think this is the first time I've ever felt so happy doing an experiment. Weird.

Anyway, I think I learnt a lot last night. Still upbeat from the excitement doing terawih, I was up till midnight reading numerous blogs; the ones I've encountered but never bothered to read. It started with googling about Ramadan, and discovered a lot of things I didn't know before.

I stumbled across this blog, owned by a girl suffering from cancer. She's no longer here; the lung cancer she suffered took her life and leaving this world her journal throughout the times before she discovered she had cancer, until the last post about her last checkup with her doctor. Reading her blog teared me up; it was the first time I read about a real person who could easily be any of us. She was just a normal girl like us who was living a life like ours. I can relate to most of her posts which saddened me even more.

Those of you who are reading this might know her, or her friends or relatives. She's a stranger to me, of course, but her journal inspired me a lot and gave me new perspectives about life, so do visit her blog - Maisara's Xanga.

I hope it gives you inspirations like it did to me. Really teared me up. Al-Fatihah.

Anyway, this is what I had for berbuka today.

I know. So sad kan.

In my defense, I just discovered at the eleventh hour that I ran out of onions so making chicken/meat curry/kurma/soup etc is not an option. Hence the fried rice..sigh.

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