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black & white contest.

Miss Ezzah tagged me in this post of hers.

Cets, talk about returning the favor. HAHA. Thanks Ezzah!

It's called Black and White contest, where you have to put your black and white picture and if your picture won, you'll get a prize in the form of money. So simple.

Now WHO DOESN'T WANT MONEY?? Basically the whole point of me doing this post. Hehe.

But..I can't make up my mind of which picture to choose. :/

This; because I like the people in this picture. And Soubetsukai 2010 was a good memory, despite having to bid farewell to favorite senpais. Having said that, I'm actually looking forward to ours next year! Hahaha.

This; because it was the first time I've ever posed like that. And will never ever pose like that again, because he won't stop mocking me.

So you choose!

Syikin, you're tagged! Because you're the only blogger I know who updates her blog everyday :D (It's a compliment!) And because you tagged me the last time. DO IT :)


  1. hahahaha mesti ko menyampah kan asik2 blog aku je y ter 'update' haha

    alah kena buat juge la ni. bile tamat tempohnye ni hahaha

  2. hahah manede bagus la aku ade bnde nak bace hari2 ;)

    bile2 pun boleh, no problem :)

  3. F-ing love the 2nd photo!!


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