This is meant to be a friendly reminder to myself in the future.

Sometimes I wonder how much exactly we women/men spend on fashion and clothes and a year. (I'd go by month but it won't be effective.) Hundreds, thousands maybe. 

Using all portions of our hard work earned money on fashion is a wonderful feeling at one point, but why not spend it on something that last, and means more to life? Something that gives something to the Earth, that makes not only our lives but also others' much better? Why not use the money to go on vacation/holiday with our family and friends; think of the memories that'll last forever. Think of the contented, wonderful feeling you share with your loved ones.

Sure, giving expensive presents and gifts to them would also make them happy, but in a whole other perspective.

Which one would you prefer?

I do regret spending money on all those ridiculously pricey clothes, bags etc; but the power of mass media is unstoppable. I'm such a hypocrite; I realize all these things and yet I'm still wasting money on things I want at the first time I saw them. It's a disease; I saw House Of Harlow has a new footwear line and 2 minutes later I'm googling Rakuten if they had the gorgeous white fish skin platform pump and the brown snake strap sandals. It's becoming a bad habit and bad news to my credit card statement; but we never learn.

Why not just donate a portion of our money to those who need it more; people who'd be more than thankful if they just own a pair shoes or clothes or even a home. Everytime I see them I can't help but feel ashamed of myself; at least for a quarter of their unhappiness we should be able to do something about it, but instead we go on and buy another Gucci bag we didn't need and two pairs of Zara jeans we hardly wear.

I'm still a hypocrite, I'm still buying things I don't need but I hope along with this remorse, liberated feeling while writing this I will be better later in life; when there will come the time where I'd rather be my own style rather than going after everything they feature in magazines and be contented with my own self.

When Akhirat comes, Allah will ask us 5 questions when we face Him.
  1. Your life; and how you lived it.
  2. Your youth; and how you utilized it.
  3. Your knowledge; and what you do with it.
  4. Your money; and where you got it.
  5. Your money; and how you spent it.
I shudder at these thoughts; I don't know how I can ever justify all the useless things I bought from the last 5 years in front of Him. The things I bought with the money that I could've used to feed the poor man I come across every now and then.

I hope later in life I will enjoy sharing things I have with those in need, and will never have the regret feeling that I should've done it earlier.


  1. True,but don't be so negative..of course we can donate something back..but does not mean we r bad ppl for going shopping..

    But u made ur point,always think of the unlucky ones..i agree..

  2. No i dont mean its bad,its just that i keep forgetting about things that are more essential. im not speaking for women out there, this is just a reminder for me :) so sorry if i offended you.

  3. Amiable fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.



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