first hanami 2010 with labmates.

Today we had our hanami at Kagamiyama Kouen, located just a few miles from dai.

Though I hardly know each and every single person in my lab, yet; but it was great! (minus the weather) We had sushi and something that looks like fried rice; I forgot what it's called. It's definitely not fried rice because it tasted different, but basically I think it's mainly a mixture of rice, carrots, some veggies and ebi. (Have you ever had anything like it?? Please please tell me what's the name,'s been bothering me all night -_-)

They had to make a special seafood dish of sushi for me, which I barely touched because it was freaking freezingggggg I had my hands inside my jacket the whole time.

The girls
Pretty sakuraaaa :)
With the labmates and senseis (see, I'm not kidding when I said my senpais are seriously good looking)
We were there until at least 6 p.m and, God, we were freezing. So freezing that we had to join the other labs who made BBQ just to get warm while the guys had their beer and cigarettes. The wind didn't help either. I wish I wore more clothes even though I had my winter jacket on. AND IT'S ALREADY APRIL, for heaven's sake.

I seriously do not want to wear three layers of clothes to school again thank you very much!!

Thank God tomorrow's warm.

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