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the time traveler's wife.

This evening I just finished reading The Time Traveler's Wife, for the first time.

I cried 3 times, I'm not kidding.

Now I know this is late; everyone has probably read the book and seen the movie but I just can't help it - this is the best romantic novel I've ever read.

I've always opted for lighter, chick-lit humorous books (who doesn't love entertainment?) but sometimes I like books that I can relate to.  

This book is one of the most insightful looks in relationships I've ever read. 

I fell in love with Henry; and I love how the author doesn't potray him as this perfect-gorgeous-nothing-can-beat-him kinda guy; well he's still gorgeous but sympathetic at the same time. 
I take my hats off to Clare; she comes off as this strong, very patient woman who fell in love with a guy who's not ordinary and willing to accept everything about her man. 

If you want to lose yourself in a helplessly romantic story, this would be it.

I don't know about the movie though; watched it but as usual the books would always be better than the movie version. I'd say it's watchable. A bit different from the book, and I'm not very happy with the ending.

Regardless, this book made me think - it's not fair that someone could meet a dead person after his death. It's like, cheating nature.

I'd know, because I've always dreamed of having that chance.


  1. i added u at facebook..why no approve..

  2. gosh, atil!!! i love the story too!!! (ehem,i hate reading, so i jump straight to the movie)
    but it is still good though!

    hey babe, if he comes and see you, im sure he did,but just that you cant see him, you definitely made him proud :)

  3. erm dah tgk mubi die tp xbace buku die lg...

    xbrape ske sgt sbb pening tgk...
    sepanjang mubi tuh asyik camni jek--->(>.<)??

    yappari aku mmg ske tgk cite yg normal2 yg bkn di luar tabii manusia hahah

    tp eric bana...wooohooo HOT!!!

  4. zak,the clue is in the profile picture..pfft

  5. zak : purple itu ranggi is right.i dont approve strangers,sorry -_-

    pena : best gila kann.i love the storyline!

    yea,i hope he did.insyaAllah.thanks babe :)

    anon : ure back!haha.tula susah nak fhm klu xbace kot.i saw the movie once before bace,pening gile.haha.
    eric bana IS HOT. :D

    purple is ranggi : syg,i have a feeling its you :P

  6. erm 'ure back!'??
    zatil,ape mksd kamu...
    aku mmg pembace blog ko yg setia lah..siap follow lg.

  7. watched the movie. it was sweet. considering buying the book but i hav many other books yet to be bought. huhu

  8. @anon : aww thank youu!! :) :)

    @li : sweet kann.but id definitely recommend you to read the book,its one of those i truly enjoyed :) looking forward for more books like this in the future.


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