the perfect flats.

I was browsing Rakuten to find the perfect pair of flats for my lab, because my lecturers don't allow us students to wear heels while doing experiment..pfft. (How lame is that? I can jump in heels OK)

So I found these.

I think I've never loved flats like I do now.

I never really get the hype about Tory Burch before, but now I'm truly a sucker for her things. Especially the shoes.
I was definitely not the type of girl who loves shoes more than anything else. I own them, I wear them, I put them back in the closet at the end of the day..but I'm no Sarah Jessica Parker. I'm still confused about my feet size for heaven's sake!!

But love love love these flats!!

I think I'm gonna go for the black ones. Or the one in yellow.

I should never ever browse Rakuten ever again.

Unless I have absolutely no suitable flats to wear for my next lab.

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