the greatest story.

"The greatest story someone will ever hear about is when you have survived a thousand heartaches and can still manage to love other people. Even though your heart maybe be in a million pieces, you still manage to feel happy in whatever you do. Even though millions have taken a piece of you and never gave it back, you manage to make a billion more happy memories without them. The greatest story will also be about how you married your first love. Because that's a sign that forever is possible. That there are people who you can trust with your heart and they will never break it. Even when you thought your best friends were your real friends, and then comes a time when they turn their backs on you. But you survived it. The greatest story will be about surviving these tiny little pokes at your heart. But in the end, you manage to hold it together, through whatever it may be. And that is the greatest story of all." - Anonymous


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    shes only 13,but her words are amazing.

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