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2010 : resolutions.

I'm now at home doing nothing except watching reruns of Friends(yea what a nice life) so I thought I should finish the list I've been procrastinating..the new year resolutions.

This year I really, really want to do this right and not just because everyone else is doing it. I want it to be clear, approachable, subtle and somewhere between can and should.(This means ruling out the Chanel handbags..pfft)

Honestly, I can't even remember what I wrote in my last year's resolutions list. I remember something about less spending, more saving..something like that. And maybe about not flunking any subjects. Sighh why do people do this when you know you'd be so disappointed if everything's not going the way you want it to be?? 

If there's something I've learned from the past year, it's you cannot expect everything to go the way you want it to be. I know I'm being so negative about this, but doesn't mean I'm saying you don't have to work for things you're after, but it's better not to put your expectations way up high. Because once you fall, it's not easy to stand up again. 

Set the goal at the point where you know and you believe you can work for it. 

Especially in terms of studies.

At least that's what I believe in, and what people told me.

So here is my likely reachable goals for 2010

1) I will start being organized and using an organizer for this year.(Which is likely to happen since I've bought the 2000 yen organizer pfft)

2) I will start making healthy, green-ish dishes more often.

3) I will not scorn at my ignorant classmates anymore, and start accepting them as they are.

4) I will wash my hair religiously.

5) I shall put on more weight on legs and lose some on other parts.

6) I will organize appropriate time in a week to do guitar covers, not spontaneously everytime I listen to something I like which happens almost every day.

7) I will blog more often..hehehe.

8) I will not get pissed off at the crap some people write about me at websites where everyone can read; I will be the bigger person, blow my nails and wave my hair and say "screw you nobody believes you".(ok not really potraying the not getting pissed off part, nevermind)

9) I shall now get over the fact that I don't belong here.

10) I will stand up for myself more often rather than keeping my mouth shut.

11) I will not scoff at my brother anymore.

12) I will not love my cats more than they love me.

13) I will 

I will continue this later, right now my bed is calling my name. Bye.


  1. 12) I will not love my cats more than they love me.

    p/s : A.G.A.K.-K.E.J.A.M yg ni.. XOXO

  2. yatiiii rinduuuuuu :(

    hehe ya la,putih tu tak layan sgt pun -_-
    dont worry im always a cat lover,genetic kita kan kan? :)


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