thanks a lot,honey.

Now I know I can't look good in that so-called 'instant' Indonesian hijab, but it's so frustrating that he kept calling me "Bukk..bukkkk.."

They say happiness is not every day in a relationship.
What can I say.


  1. hahha!sooo cute la u two! but seriously atin, forget already ur thought of wearing such tudung-with-topi keledar. yes. that's what i call them. it's hard to maintain looking good and 'in place' with them. pffft!~

    nevertheless, that's my 2 cents. some ppl could really pull them off though. ;)

  2. zatil mmg cute so pakai ape pon still nmpk cute erm,better xyah pakai kot tudung tuh kat luar sbb nmpk zatil cam 'tua' sket la...kalo pakai stakat nk amik brg dr pakcik takyubin kat pintu bole la..kat luar jgn

  3. i know righttt.that is my one tudung in its simplest form.will never ever wear it in public,so dont worry!hehe.yea sume ckp camtu,ntah knape nmpk older -_-
    i dont think i can ever pull it off,what with this set of cheeks i really cannot.grr.

    wonder if he'd stay with me now that hes seen me in my worst state.haha ;)

    and hawe,i think i remember you mentioned the tudung-with-topi keledar thing before HAHAHA :D klaka gle wey!

  4. haha leave her alone la ppl..zatil u can wear anything u long as u like it

  5. hehe no worries its not like im offended or anything :) feedbacks are always welcome.hehe.
    thanks btw amirah! :)



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