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I've been spending my ass off lately, even my boyfriend is scared of the amount of my credit card swiping.

Seriously, I'm at this point of cutting freezing my credit card in my fridge like Becky Bloomwood did in the Shopaholic movie.

I was talking about this to my friend, and she suggested this :

I'm a sucker for books with cute covers so this does it.
Trust me, I've tried reading Freakonomics but never came around with it..sigh. And yes, I consider this as my serious book ;) Sheconomics! Hello?? What's not serious about that? Pfft.

I know this book might put me to sleep within seconds but I've got to try.
My credit card bill is coming soon, so I'm not giving up till I've read this book to its last page. I know I can learn so much from it.

So my first step into my attempt to zero-ing my credit card statement(which is NOT impossible, I hope)

I installed this.

The CashFlow application for iPhone.
My boyfriend actually suggested me to install this app before, but after a few months of not applying I just deleted it from my phone. Unused apps bugs me, seriously. But now I think I'm ready to keep track of my overflowing spending; baby steps. 
The CashFlow application is a simple cash management software. You can manage your daily cash income/go, and can fix balance with simple operation. You can input description of transaction from history, much less keyboard operation.

I think by doing this I can keep track of my cash spending, and when I see the balance in my account and have a heart attack, I might reduce some online shopping. Online shopping is dangerous because you're only one click away from the stuff you want - my ultimate weakness.

Gahh I feel better now. One step ahead. One step ahead. Hee :)


  1. tu sbb aku xde credit card.bahye.click2 jek abes kalo xde mendokusai la plak kan.papepon gud luck la zatil ;)

    err tetibe cam berminat plak nak card plg sket gune bape mang?=P

  2. hahahah bgs gle takde credit card!then mesti duit scholar tak habis2 kan.cets.yea its all about the clicks.keyword:rakuten.

    HAHA okayy thats a tough question..but takde laa kronik sgt dont worry :D hehehe

    ok apsal ramai sgt anonymous ni im getting confused -_- care to introduce yourself? :)

  3. slalu jek komen kat sini gune anonymous zatil
    bile tgk komen sendrik utk entry2 b4 nih rasenyer yg komen gune anonymous kebanyakn cam aku jek

    xyah la kenal..segan la~~
    wahahah gedik gle bunyi

  4. ahahah!ade ke.takpe la faham2 :)
    thanks for reading :)

  5. atil....bleh ke ak ckap....
    MURI....!! atil yg ak kenal dpat control ke....hahaha (xmau bg galakan kat ko lngsung ak ni)

  6. thanks a lott!! la sokongan sket.kau pnye business tips ke.dgr cite entrepreneur berjaye.:D

  7. atil..same problems here.. like,aku ni takde la shopaholic sgt pon.. n mcm jarang gile keluar rumah shopping.sangat jarang. but ONLINE SHOPPING dengan iklan "souryou muryou utk pembelian 1man keatas" maka tiap bln gile abeh satu scholar!
    wuaa..sblm 2010 kalau tak 0 kan credit card statement,seriously im gonna cut my credit card and suffer.hahaa

    goodluck to both of us! :p

  8. tu lah,blame the super-efficient shipping here.tonight click next three days dah show up depan i hate free shipping for 10,000 yen above ads..the culprit!(forever 21 free shipping for 7000 yen and above kan?kan?shytes)

    you know,lets be real and set the goal based on steps.susah lah nak zero terus kan.lets start with,say,maximum 5000?(you know,for books and stuff) :D


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