the love of my life.

Meet Tom.

We basically just called him Putih, but apparently according to my mum the name wasn't fancy enough so we began calling him Tom; short for Tompok.

He came to my house after 5 days I was home - I was nagging my brother to look for a cat cause I'm such a sad lonely person I need a cat at home - and suddenly this little fella came by our window, asking for food. Being the good-nature-friendly person that I am, I gave him nasi with ayam KFC(leftovers. I know. Cats nowadays just eat fancy food I tell you) and he kept coming to our house since then.

He is the love of my life, the company when I'm bored, the sleeping partner.

I miss him so much :(

If my mum gave him away(like she did with our previous cats) again, I swear I'm gonna cry. Having to part from him was bad enough.


  1. ehh bkn ade asma ke zatil?
    ok ke bela/pegang kucing nih?

  2. haah ade..but skrg dah ok sket.dah lame tak kena attack.hehe.klu tak mmg sakit dada je lah.


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